I saw „The curious case of Benjamin Button”. After ending the movie I stood up and went out to see my love. I wanted to spend some seconds with her, to simply see her, enjoy her presence, enjoy the moment. She was in a different mood, coming from the kindergarten where she left the children. She had a lot of thoughts, she wanted to tell me many things. I was listening her staying connected to my wish to be present to the moment, to me and her. But all the subjects she was speaking about were interesting and distracting me from beeing present to me, her. I started to visualize me flying among spirals. Each subject she was telling me was like a spiral who could catch me and start a lot of thoughts in my mind. Keeping me away of my self, keeping me blocked in thoughts, in the noise my mind sometimes makes.

Here is me moving through the spirals in my mind and doing my best to avoid them or managin to escape from those who caught me. On the right side I saw her spirals who were catching her but not affecting me at all. I took a pice of paper and draw this:

After a while we stood up and went home. On the way home we spoke both very enthusiastic about a project we want to do together. Wow what a spiral. I forgot even where we were. We were speaking an planning, making wishes, dreaming big and than STOP it was time to split and each one to go to his next to do in the calendar 🙂


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  • Alex spune:

    Cool visualization of this …issue we’re all having. Never imagined it this way, I guess it will help me in the future when I stumble upon another spiral, especially a downward one.

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