the power of commitment

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Jack London was pure inspiration along my childhood. For me he was the guiding example of how things should be obtained. I wish something, I fight for, I never give up and this is the key to success. I took from his books only this message and the success stories which were inspiring and juicy. Even if they showed a hard road to the top I only picked up the belief that I could make it.

I remember writing some time ago that I deeply believe that people and of course I, can do anything I truly wish. I was sure that the key was to find what I truly wish. I accepted that even if I wish to fly like superman and I will try all my life to do it I will probably either find a way to fly or I will accept that I can’t fly but at least I tried and I will be happy. Anyway some hundreds years ago flying was impossible. Nowadays people can fly. Everything seems impossible till it’s done, than people explain themselves how the impossible was done and the miracle vanishes.

I believe that people can’t stand miracles, they must explain them. Believing in miracles is for me a source of power because for me believing in miracles in not waiting to see miracles happening but making impossible things happen so … making miracles happen.

I was ready to believe in miracles and I still do but this transformed into a terrible pressure on each of my commitments. I always committed on my wishes, even more I was setting deadlines, building projects on! It didn’t work, so I went to courses and I started to make my targets SMART. It still didn’t work. I was always failing miserably. I remember once working with Casandra and anchoring (the process of associating an internal response with some external trigger) some gestures with feeling connected to my power. More that that I added a final question before setting any target” Now when I look to my target do I feel enthusiastic about?” I thought this is it … but it wasn’t. Why with some people worked but with me it didn’t?

So, what did I learn? Probably all the courses I attended and all the information I gathered were saying me the right thing but I took only what I was prepared to hear at that time … Now I can clearly see that wishing and committing are 2 different things. Wishes are guiding us, they are fascinating us and they should always be with us. Commitment is different it is power and it is the source of energy.

As steve pavlina was writing: “Put your head underwater and keep it there for a while. You’ll soon realize that you’re 100% committed to breathing.”

This is what commitment means for me. Commitment is trust, power, joy. You don’t make excuses, you don’t worry about motivating yourself, you don’t need to justify.

When I make a commitment it means firstly that I am 100% involved and secondly it means that I am able to accept any ending/result of the project. Because I don’t commit to the result, I commit to my intention, I commit to the experience of entering that project. I commit to the present not to the end.

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