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Here what we check:

There are 6 areas of analysis we do. Here the list with what our specialists will check for your site:

Image optimization

Are all your images optimized? Moreover, are they properly optimized while using the right tool? Do you use Content Delivery Network to minimize load times and for caching?

Code cleaning

Not all the default code that WordPress comes with is adequate for all websites. We know how to find every piece of code that’s not needed, so your site loads as fast as it should.

Database optimization

Databases get cluttered over time, and before you know it, the site becomes slower and less efficient. We’ll check your database and see if we can schedule database optimizations, so you don’t have to.

Infrastructure revision

The hosting is the element that mostly affects the speed of your website. We’ll evaluate your hosting plan, server and CDN, so you get expert advice on how to strengthen the site’s infrastructure.

Plugins assessment

There is a plethora of plugins available with WordPress, but not all of them function flawlessly. We’ll inspect your plugins along with other WordPress components and let you know which ones to keep, replace or discard.

Scripts optimization

Why serve lots of CSS and JS raw files when you can deliver just one compressed file? Let’s find out if you can optimize your resources delivery and reduce the total page size. As well, we'll check all the external scripts that can be optimized.

Find out why your site is still slow

The Site Assessment contains:

  • Plugins and theme review
  • Hosting and CDN performance check
  • Page code review
  • Database optimization advice
  • Internal and external assets review
  • Images optimization status report

Results from clients who implemented the changes recommended in their Assessment: