I was playing today squash and I’ve put myself a target to win the next 2 games. It was supposed to be normal because I do this regularly – taking challenges in sport. I was going to have a meeting immediately after the game and in the meeting I was preparing to ask for a special favor I really needed. I’ve put the commitment for the 2 games: If I win I will ask for the favor if not I will ask another time.

I was a bit scary to take this challenge but I took it. The thing that changed my game was the 10 seconds break I took, before start, to commit to the challenge. In this 10 seconds I was scared and a bit uncertain. I was saying to myself that if I loose I will anyway ask for the favor, it is only up to me … but by the end of the 10 seconds I took 100% the challenge and I was ready to win or to loose.

In the first match I won 11-0 and in the second I won again. What was different? The 100% commitment was the change, it gave me endless power and motivation. After I took it I was 100% in the game. I focused on each ball individually and I was present to each second, each ball.


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