I had such a nice vision. I was thinking on my targets and my search for happiness. I realized that I am constantly looking for a lasting feeling of relaxation. I also feel I want to enjoy what is given to me and admit that even if I hardly work for something, even that is actually given to me on purpose. It comes to me because I clearly asked for.

RELAX and ENJOY, this 2 state of the art feelings are my long term objectives but instead of starting right now to practice I postpone enjoying this feelings after I obtain the social statute to afford them. What a pity, I frequently leave my life for the future instead of living it now.

I see so clear that instead of jamming my wish with million of thoughts and postpone the moment of enjoying I can right now start relaxing. This attitude will attract all the missing puzzle pieces if any.

So, Andrei you are welcome to this life. Please relax and enjoy.

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