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I saw the presentation posted on which is about a huge event where around 40 inspiring persons have speeches. People like Dalai Lama,  Richard Branson spoke there. In this presentation (follow the link) you see a 30 minutes compilation of most of the speeches (if you want more you have to pay). Anyway for me it was pure inspiration. On the first preview I was touched by most of the speakers. Next day I saw it again with some friends. This time it was mind blowing for me.

Being able to compare the speakers due to this compilation I saw very clear that some of them were more inspiring for me than the others. I saw that some of them are saying a speech they trained to say, some of them probably memorized just some key points for their presentation and were improvising the rest and … some of them just went on the stage and spoke from inside, they simply connected to their higher self, they were simply channeling the inspiration, the wisdom.

The speakers are all great, they are all „10.000 hours” persons, they are master in their fields, but I just had the feeling that some of them want to be seen in a specific way. They actually want something for themselves and this didn’t fit in the picture. I saw that if you wand something specific for yourself you become unauthentic in delivering a message for hundreds of people. You cannot afford to wish a thing for yourself when preaching. This will make you unauthentic. Being connected to a higher purpose you simply deliver inspiration to the people whatever you will say it will simply work. If not … will not work 100%

Maybe some of them were like Tony Hsieh who was telling in his book Delivering Happiness his experience about presentations. First time when he was a speaker he spend days to remember each word he had to say. It took him years of speeches to be able to deliver the speech without special preparation.

Authenticity is for me the key to be an inspiring leader. If you want to inspire people the message should be for them. Your speech should be a gift for them and if you still want something for your self you will lose the authenticity. If you try to look nice, to be interesting or special you are not authentic and the message is lost. When you can act and speak exactly as you really are you are living through your skills and you are powerful, inspiring and authentic. You are not only master in your domain but an inspiring leader also.

All what I’ve wrote means nothing, it is just what inspires me in this moment. I close with what Sean Stephenson said: what people say about you is not your problem it is their problem. It is actually what they would think about them if they would bee in your shoes … oops!

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  • Dragos Nicolaescu spune:

    Guys, I am very passionate about THIS and I use any ocassion to let myself inspired in speaking about IT. I am anyway perfect in my imperfection so please don’t applause. I am already deeply in love with THIS so please don’t be convinced. Thank you for inspiring me consciently or inconsciently and for the time you gave me. So, let’s begin with a little story…

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