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It is time to tell you about my need to feel good, about deliveringlife. Does everybody have the need to feel good? … Yes, but not everybody is aware of it. I think you get the need to feel good once you feel good – it is like a drug, it creates addiction.

Please take a moment and remember the last time when you felt good. It was nice, it was tasty, it had nice colors or pleasant sound, it was a show or a project you successfully ended. Whatever it was, please take a moment and get into that mood, that feeling of accomplishment, of fulfilling. Please imagine your life like a sofa, a very comfortable one. You sit there and relax, feel good.

Suddenly a spring from the sofa pricked you. Imagine this prick to be one of your needs you never listen to. It is your liver you always ignore and eat unhealthy. You change your position on the sofa, but another prick comes: this one is from your work colleague whom you always hated. You change again the position, trying to find a place to feel good, but more and more pricks appear and you barely manage living on that sofa. You survived, you found a position not very comfortable, but you got used to it. You decided it was OK and time passed.

Finally one day somebody gives you a hand, you take it and you stand up. Wow what a relief – you feel good again, what a difference, you had almost forgotten this feeling … this is the moment when you can see the difference between feeling good and the previous state when you were accepting all the compromises in your life. This is a moment when you can start a major change in your life. And it is just a moment because you would sit down again on the couch and find again your survival position, but this moment can be the beginning. It can change your entire life.

That hand which helped you stand up from your life sofa could be anything – it could be a book, a person, a movie, a personal development course, a smile … anything … it could be deliveringlife

Have you ever used the subway? Probably the answer is yes and you surely know that passenger who has to go to work and has to change the subway after three stations and he is busy with his thoughts and he finds a seat and he tries to give the urgent call he has to but the signal is too low and his call fails and now is the stop where he has to change, he runs because the next train comes in one minute and he must catch it and he runs , the door closes right behind him, he has made it, but now he is sweating and near him there is this man smelling badly and at the next stop even more people come in. Some people start laughing?! Why? After a while, the person near him starts to laugh and now he starts thinking that he could laugh too, it is funny the way these people laugh, but what would other people think about it? Now most of the people laugh and he starts to laugh too … That moment, that smile were for me the greatest joy – because we organized the laugh scene in the subway and I know I offered him the possibility to see the difference between himself feeling good and himself a few seconds before – worried and trying to find a survival place in his life sofa. I don’t know how he will use this moment. I didn’t change his life with a smile, but I have put a small stone in the scales which will reach one day the critical mass to make a life change for him – or maybe I have put the last stone which made the scales move. I was the hand who helped him stand up from his life sofa. I delivered life.

Looking forward to see you at the next “petrecerea de pietoni” TODAY Wednesday 25 of April in front of hotel Dorobanti / Bucharest – here the map

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