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First of all, I wrote this post listening Green Mix from, I’ve put the compilation so that you can hear music while reading. I believe the more senses we use, the reacher the experience is. So read and listen, my message will be more powerful.

I look to my children, they discover life through joy and play. In the morning they jump out of bed in the next second they wake up and hardly go to bed in the evening. Their life happens now. Sleeping is boring. They want to get most of it. They know they are welcome to this life. They enjoy life! While I was a child I did the same and probably you too.

On the other side, being a child, „one day” I did something „wrong” and I was punished. I started to learn to feel guilty, to feel responsibilities, to understand MUST. I learned that what I do has a meaning for others and people add all kinds of emotions to meanings.

Life started to be more like a journey with ups and downs. It grew in complexity and emotions. I wished, succeeded, failed, loved, was desperate, was pressured, was lucky, was unlucky, earned money, lost money, planed, risked and much, much more. Time started to run. Me too. Years seemed to passed like seconds and looking back I saw the roller coaster I’m in. I remember my birthday in 2000. I was 25 years old. I felt I need to stop and look back to my life to see how it looks like. I wrote me a letter about my feelings looking back and about what do I wish for the next year. Since than, each year on my birthday I write myself this kind of letter. It is my sacred time.

I know now the power of that letter. It was my exercise of giving meaning to my life. Now I really feel that the my biggest liberty in this life is that I can give my meaning to what happens!

I know I am welcome to this life and I also know that I am here to enjoy life.  This statement is my source of life. I choose to see that wen I am ill it is something my body wants to tell me. I choose to see that each person is beauty inside and I also choose to accept that I cannot always see it. I choose to think that I cannot always give the meaning which brings me joy and I also choose to see that this process is like a muscle, the more I use it the better it performs. I choose to believe that everything what happens to me, good or bad has a helpful and meaningful present for me for me to enjoy life. And much more

Everything in our life happens for us and we have the LIBERTY to choose the meaning for that. I chose life, I choose joy, I choose to discover the beauty within people. WHAT MEANING DO YOU CHOOSE?

What meaning do you choose when you will see people dancing on the zebra or laughing in the subway? What will you choose to do Sunday at 16:00 when you will see people fighting with water … just because

You are welcome to this life, please enjoy!


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