Ce inseamna fericirea pentru tine, Oana?

Oana este o regizoare si producatoare de filme documentare, stabilita in SUA de la varsta de 14 ani. De cand era copil a fost pasionata si a iubit natura, muntii si legendele romanesti, drept pentru care in urma cu cativa ani a decis sa se dedice cat mai mult si sa produca filme documentare despre frumusetea si istoria plaiurilor romanesti. A realizat un documentar de lung metraj despre misterele muntilor bucegi care va fi difuzat si in Romania in 2013, plecand pe urmele omului preistoric care a trait in Carpati, si in prezent lucreaza la un documentar despre cultul ursului de caverna care va fi gata tot in 2013. Daca doriti sa aflati mai multe despre munca ei, puteti accesa site-ul firmei ei www.hyperion-media.com sau site-ul filmului despre bucegi www.themysteryofthecarpathiansphinxmovie.com.

Pana atunci insa iata ce mi-a raspuns …


What is happiness for Tom Andreassen?

Talking to more and more people it looks like happiness is the same and totally different for each one of us. Both in the same time. We all have different memories which connect us with happy and fulfilling moments and in the same time we all relate happiness to people, sharing and contribution.

I invite you to see what Tom answered me about his happiness. Tom dedicated a part of his life to help others and this is part of his happiness. It was a pleasure for me to talk with him. Enjoy!

What is happiness for Benoit Montreuil?

I continued to interview the TED Speakers from TEDx Bucharest 2012. I aim to  find their way to happiness. I talked to Benoit Montreuiln also and I was stroke by the conscious way he relates to the happiness. He said that happiness for him has 2 levels … see in the interview more

After editing my last interview I had the feeling that maybe it is to long. So, although my discussion with Benoit took 30 minutes I edited and created a 5 minutes interview only. Any feedback about this interview is valuable for me. So please feel free to comment below



What are this interviews?

This interviews are about happiness. I ask people how do they relate to happiness because I want to find out as many ways as possible about this feeling we all search for. And when you are happy how do you feel it? And when do you loose it what do you do? How do you gain again the state of inner happiness?

What is happiness for you?