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First of all, I wrote this post listening Green Mix from, I’ve put the compilation so that you can hear music while reading. I believe the more senses we use, the reacher the experience is. So read and listen, my message will be more powerful.

I look to my children, they discover life through joy and play. In the morning they jump out of bed in the next second they wake up and hardly go to bed in the evening. Their life happens now. Sleeping is boring. They want to get most of it. They know they are welcome to this life. They enjoy life! While I was a child I did the same and probably you too.

On the other side, being a child, „one day” I did something „wrong” and I was punished. I started to learn to feel guilty, to feel responsibilities, to understand MUST. I learned that what I do has a meaning for others and people add all kinds of emotions to meanings.

Life started to be more like a journey with ups and downs. It grew in complexity and emotions. I wished, succeeded, failed, loved, was desperate, was pressured, was lucky, was unlucky, earned money, lost money, planed, risked and much, much more. Time started to run. Me too. Years seemed to passed like seconds and looking back I saw the roller coaster I’m in. I remember my birthday in 2000. I was 25 years old. I felt I need to stop and look back to my life to see how it looks like. I wrote me a letter about my feelings looking back and about what do I wish for the next year. Since than, each year on my birthday I write myself this kind of letter. It is my sacred time.

I know now the power of that letter. It was my exercise of giving meaning to my life. Now I really feel that the my biggest liberty in this life is that I can give my meaning to what happens!

I know I am welcome to this life and I also know that I am here to enjoy life.  This statement is my source of life. I choose to see that wen I am ill it is something my body wants to tell me. I choose to see that each person is beauty inside and I also choose to accept that I cannot always see it. I choose to think that I cannot always give the meaning which brings me joy and I also choose to see that this process is like a muscle, the more I use it the better it performs. I choose to believe that everything what happens to me, good or bad has a helpful and meaningful present for me for me to enjoy life. And much more

Everything in our life happens for us and we have the LIBERTY to choose the meaning for that. I chose life, I choose joy, I choose to discover the beauty within people. WHAT MEANING DO YOU CHOOSE?

What meaning do you choose when you will see people dancing on the zebra or laughing in the subway? What will you choose to do Sunday at 16:00 when you will see people fighting with water … just because

You are welcome to this life, please enjoy!

the thing

I was always looking for THE THING. It is incredible to see that I always nourished somewhere in my head the illusion of being able to say one day this is it! The illusion of finding the solution for all my problems. This is what droved me through my life till now. This is what gave me the energy to break any barrier to overcome any obstacle. This was my source of energy and inspiration. Even now while I am writing I spot the feeling of finally finding my happiness, my inner peace. This is it! This is it!

On the other hand this was the source of being unhappy, unsatisfied. Yes, each time when I was unhappy it was a disappointment of not finding an ever lasting solution to my problems. Always after saying this is it came disappointment. Somehow I was always ending below my expectations.So what did I actually discover now if this could not be again the thing?


I discovered the status quo, I discovered I should be happy now. I discovered the acceptance as another source of energy. No more relying only on ending the past and starting the future. You are welcome to this life, please enjoy it. I feel I am now with the flow I feel now connected to myself. I am freshly waked up, the kids are sleeping, the house is quiet, I feel relaxed, I am in the zone. Am I happy? No.


If I would end this article as I normally do with this is it I would be doing the same mistake again, connecting to the illusion of discovering my way to happiness. Yes THIS IS IT :-))))) I was always living in the near future. I was never trying to find the happiness in the present. I was just looking to do something to become happy. Because I never looked for happiness, being happy. My engine was frustration, unfulfillment, failure. The need of getting out, changing, starting something new, ending the past, changing habits. I was answering always to the question: What shall I do/change to be happy? I never accepted the status quo as a part of my life, a part of my happiness … I never accepted I do the best I can do now, because I always „knew” I could have done it better. This was my mantra …


So what’s next? … next is now and now is past and future in the same time. Am I happy? No. Happiness is an energy. If I chase to be happy only when I am not happy I will end again one day being again unhappy. Am I happy? Yes, I am happy, as happy as I am right now. I can be more happy and I can be less happy. I can be more or less from everything (fulfillment, prower, love etc)


I always misunderstood life when I was declaring I was not happy. THIS IS IT! Life is a river I swim in. I can swim for a while against the stream or I can swim powerful with the stream or simply go with the flow.


Here a visual of my happiness writing this article.

the way to mastery

As I was mentioning in „limitless – what you resist persists” that we come to this world with a generous reservoir of outstanding qualities. We are meant to be a genius each one of us! This qualities are like muscles, the more you train them the better you perform. To master a skill, to be like Michael Jordan or Mozart you simply have to train your qualities 10.000 hours. This is it, so simple.

The 10.000 Hour Rule is usually attributed to the research done by Anders Ericsson in the early 1990s. He and his team divided students into three groups ranked by excellence at the Berlin Academy of Music and then correlated achievement with hours of practice. They discovered that the elite all had put in about 10.000 hours of practice, the good 8.000 and the average 4.000 hours. No one had fast-tracked. This rule was then applied to other disciplines and Ericsson found that it proved valid. Malcolm Gladwell is the man who has brought new attention to the 10.000 Hour Rule in 2008 with his book Outliers: The Story of Success. This book was very inspiring for me and I highly recommend it to understand what stays behind most successful people in this world.

So I am 35 years old, 10.000 hours means 3 hours a day during 10 years. Why am I not a genius? I started to think that maybe I am a genius but I don’t know or maybe I am 3,5 times genius, isn’t it? Everybody at my age should be a genius and I am sure I know persons who aren’t 🙂

Where are my 10.000 hors waisted? It is very clear for me that I should do a specific thing/activity to master it. I started to calculate where did I put most of my time. Which activity is the one closest to 10.000 hours practice. I started to calculate hours but something was missing. Sometimes the activity was to general or it was specific but too less hours. It is so visible how I spread my time in doing this and that, trying different activities or most of the time entering some known professional tracks where after a good amount of time I changed the path. Why didn’t happened?

I see now very clear that you cannot do 10.000 hours of the same activity without loving it. And you start loving what you do when the activity is based on your personal skills you was born with. Yes you cannot enjoy training a muscle you don’t have. Imagine being a person who likes people, who likes moving in different places, facing new situations, inspiring people, but this person spends 8 hours a day sitting in an office and working in front of the computer. This will not work and I see it very clear from my experience.

In my daily life I use just a few of my skills. The other are away, waiting to be used. Some of them I probably don’t know about. I just have to discover and bring all my skills in my daily work and this will give me the power to do the 10.000 hours to mastery. Here my visual insight


limitless – what you resist persists

I saw yesterday the movie Limitless and it was about what I was discovering lately. It is a fascinating trip into the constant need to be extraordinary, brilliant, powerful, healthy, independent, free, to be a genius and to be loved.

We are all sitting on a gold mine of personal resources we either don’t know about or we don’t trust we have them or we simply accept that only sometimes we are brilliant. The question is what about being extraordinary now and always?

I deeply believed a genius resides in each one of us. We were connected to it when we were young. Than our parents started to guide us to their values and started to force us to train not our talents but the talents which were measured by society, by their values. To be able to survive in this world. We learned that we are not „good enough” and stuck there trying to be better, training a talent we didn’t really had. We set our limits and remaine in the row. Having thousand of unused talents waiting to be discovered crying for the good times when we were young and we were connected to them.

Sometimes we are brilliant. It happened to me too to perform using my talents and it is great! I always wanted more or at leas again brilliant … I was always fighting, wishing, forcing, struggling to be different, extraordinary. I was not accepting the way I was and resisting to this state. And what you resist persists … Try, force, fight and you will always do that.

We are normally here on the bottom of the drawing and sometime we get a trip and access our talents. Being there up we look down and see how small we are and we don’t accept this. This is where this state of being unconnected to ourselves gets his power. The power of being small, common, limited … what you resist persists!

In the movie the main actor becomes dependent on the substance which gives him access to his resources and each time he was back to normal he was feeling worst. Once you saw your possibilities, qualities you will never accept to go back to the previous status.

Cine a vazut ielele devine neom, ce vrei?… Trece flacaul prin padure, aude o muzica nepaman­teasca si vede in luminis, in lumina lunii ielele goale si despletite, jucand hora. Ramane inmarmurit, pironit pamantului, cu ochii la ele. Ele dispar si el ramane neom.
Camil Petrescu – Jocul Ielelor

So, is it up to us to be genius, to be connected to our gold mine of resources or it is up to a substance, are we god or not, shall we fight to be a genius or shall we relax and let it come?

I don’t know but what worked for me is first rediscover my talents and this StrengthsFinder helped a lot. Afterwards relax, because than everything happens simple, with ease and grace!

Have a look here, OLE!


energy and ordinary communication

We are energy entities build to feel and be connected to others. You see that the best at babies. They say nothing but they feel and show what they feel. They cry, they laugh, they scream … there is no time invested in understanding , analyzing and deciding to show it or not, or how, or whom. They feel, they show and somehow you get it.

We than grow and learn to „communicate” and we learn languages, gestures and habits. We actually cover our energy with communications 0’s and 1’s. We constantly disconnect from our driving energy.

We than start trying to communicate with people. Sometime works, sometimes doesn’t and sometimes we don’t know if it works or not. We stick with this communication language and rarely go back to the simple form of paying attention to what feelings comes and follow it without explanation …